Ein Solo. Eine Stunde lang beschäftige ich mich mit der Frage „Was bewegt mich? Und wieso?“.
Ein verrückter, lustiger, trauriger und im besten Fall merkwürdiger Abend. Mehr will und kann ich nicht sagen.
Wann? 03.09.2022, 20 Uhr - Wo? Perfektastraße 61/5/1 - Karten: 8€,


About Me


Schauspieler & Stuntman


January 2022.

Face. Hair. Red nail.

Theater, 2022

"PLOT POINT POESIE" - Eine österreichische Literaturshow - theater.wozek


Concerning the current situation | Ein Kommentar zur aktuellen Situation.

SALVATION | Short Film

"A young farmer struggling with loneliness, looking for reasons or signs to continue his life filled with uncertainty und meaninglessness."

When we started driving out to that farm location, we didn't know what was gonna happen. Michael Harding and I had the urge to create something. Something that has to do with how we feel in those strange times. Lockdown after lockdown. Social distancing. Uncertainty. Fear. But also: HOPE. A hope, that this whole craziness has an end. A hope for a better and more normal time. Basically, we started shooting before we even knew what we really needed to tell the story. 4 days later we wrapped. Still, we weren't sure if all the footage we filmed was enough to make something out of it, but that 'urge to create' was satisfied.

Oh! Hi there!

My name is Alex Schauer, I am 26 years old and Austria/Wien (*no kangaroos here) is the place where I lived for most of that time. I do Parkour, I make movies, I act in movies and I fall in movies (I believe you call that stuntman). Also I am a big Palatschinken fan. 

"Imagination means nothing without doing." - Charlie Chaplin